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Lead paint, asbestos and mold are all common and dangerous issues that can be discovered in older buildings, especially when beginning a remodeling project. Mold can form anywhere moisture is present, materials using asbestos were common in construction prior to the late 1990s and lead paint was used heavily until the 1970s. The presence and removal of these materials can be very harmful to your family, employees and animals, and should be disposed of properly to ensure the health and safety of those around it.

If any of these issues are discovered in your home or business, it is important to choose an experienced professional to safely remove the problem. Abatement Professionals is a family-owned and run business providing asbestos removal, mold remediation and lead paint removal services. Since 1981, the Rickett family has been serving schools, businesses and homes in Maine with professionalism and expertise. We are dedicated to our customers'  safety and comfort. Call us today for a quote!

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            Maine Asbestos and mold removal

Core Asbestos Removal, ME Services include:


Abatement Professionals Affiliations in ME

  • Licensed State of Maine Asbestos Contractor

  • Licensed State of Maine Asbestos Consultant

  • Licensed State of Maine Lead contractor

  • Licensed State of Maine Training Provider    

The cornerstone of our company's philosophy is the concept that an informed consumer is an important partner in the successful management of any environmental remediation project.

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